Brides are Talking

Stephen was AMAZING! He was such a huge help in the planning process, and his organization and understanding of weddings and ability to direct the "flow of things" was such a stress reliever, especially since I was planning a DIY wedding from 1,000 miles away. Furthermore, his professionalism and ability to read the crowd and select songs that kept the event alive truly made our night. Never once did I get that "high school prom" feeling that so often comes with DJ'd events. After our wedding I had so many people coming up to us raving about our DJ and asking who he was/how we found him. For any brides debating on whether or not to have a live band vs. a DJ, save yourself some money and some trouble and just hire Stephen, you won't be sorry and you won't feel like you've missed out on anything. Thanks Stephen for all of your help, reassurance, and for making it such an amazing night!

Marsha & Geoffrey
Raleigh‚ NC

Stephen was truly an amazing and professional DJ. He was quick on his feet to react to last minute changes that I made. His wide selection of music as well as his reccomendations for my day were priceless. To all future brides out there, do not think that spending money on a DJ is not worth it. There is nothing worse than having silence when trying to search for music on an ipod, or what about not having that one SONG that you or a guest has to hear. Stephen has it all, and was able to take special requests all night long with ease. Oh and his light show was great!

Cookie & Trevor
Raleigh‚ NC

Stephen was the most professional of the DJ's my husband and I met with. He was always prepared and willing to meet us when and where it was convenient for us. His presentation at the reception was professional. He was in a tux and had a light show accompanying the music. Stephen was more than willing to make our night as special as possible and even offered to stay all night if that's what I wanted. This would have been no extra charge. Most DJ's in the area charge a lot of money for each extra hour. I highly recommend DJ Stephen Scott for any bride looking for a DJ with the highest quality of professionalism and service at a very reasonable price.

Courtney & Matt Slocum
Raleigh‚ NC

I hired Stephen as our DJ for my wedding in May 2011. I had come across a posting he had on Craig's list and was eager to meet him to see if his personality and style was compatible with what I wanted for my wedding. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and I would highly recommend his services to anyone concerned with things running smoothly on their wedding day. I planned, organized and paid of my wedding myself so I was handling all of the stress that came along with that. Stephen truly cared about what we wanted and met with my husband and I do gain a better perspective on who we were as a couple and what we really wanted out of our day. He went above and beyond. He did a great job of asking us questions to gain a better perspective on what we wanted rather than doing the same thing for everyone and even helped us choose some wedding songs we were having trouble deciding on. Stephen also did a great job interacting with our friends & family. Many people commented on how amazing he was. My photographer also ended up using him for her wedding and they had just met on my wedding day. Stephen Scott is highly organized and very professional. He showed up early on my wedding day and made sure all aspects were covered so things would run smooth on our special day. He is reliable and trustworthy and these qualities were truly important to me. Thank you Stephen for all you did for us on our wedding day! You were an intricate part of its success and I would recommend you to anyone looking for a DJ.

Julie Magill
Raleigh‚ NC

Best DJ EVER!!!! My wedding was the party of a lifetime and we owe it all to Stephen Scott! We had so many comments on our DJ. He took away all my stress. I have had many parties and been to events where there was a DJ and I have never been so pleased with the professional manner in which Mr. Scott conducted himself. If you need a DJ for any reason call Mr. Scott. If you have any questions feel free to call me at (919)723-4571. Mrs. Tidwell

Chris & Jeff Tidwell
Raleigh‚ NC

Stephen DJ'd at my wedding in July 2010 and he was great to work with! He played all the songs I wanted to hear and NONE of the ones that I did not. He was very methodical with his song selections as the night progressed and it made for a great party! He showed up on time the day of, always took my calls and answered my questions leading up to the wedding, and he was very professional in demeanor and dress. I have, and would, definitely recommend him to other soon-to-be brides.

Shannon Cambell
Raleigh‚ NC

Awesome DJ! Stephen surpassed our expectations in every way! Everyone had an amazing time and Stephen really put on a great show. Do not hesitate to use him at your event! I interviewed a couple dj's before deciding on Stephen and I am so glad I did....

Sonia Jahoo
Chapel Hill‚ NC

Steve did a wonderful job playing the music for our wedding and reception. It was nice to sit down with him prior to the wedding and go over the questionnaire we filled out, and then pick our music. Steve prompted us for each stage of the wedding and reception. The whole thing flowed so smoothly. Everyone was dancing and having a great time! I highly recommend Steve for your wedding.

Trisha & Keith Fulp
Raleigh‚ NC

We are absolutely thrilled we chose Stephen to DJ our wedding. He was great from the beginning of the process to the end. He helped us choose songs when we got stuck and easily got the ones we requested. Most of all, we liked how he helped the flow of the entire evening. He had queues and made announcements to let everyone know what was about to come - just overall was a great master of ceremonies. We highly recommend Stephen Scott as he can plan out and facilitate whatever kind of evening youre dreaming of - whether it be romantic, fun, formal or out of the ordinary.

Michelle & Garry Oats
Apex‚ NC

As a wedding minister, I see a lot of DJs at weddings and receptions. Whenever I see Stephen at an event, I know we are going to be in first class hands. With a charming personality and complete professionalism, he knows how to help a wedding couple decide what pieces of music will suit them best for each part of their celebration and he works closely with them to fine-tune the plans. He is not the kind of DJ who wants to get out and dance with your guests to get the party going. Instead, he chooses to keep everything going with style, grace, and a caring eye, knowing how to nuance a moment with music if necessary. He is friendly, skilled and caring and has an immense play list so he can accommodate the musical tastes of everyone present. He also dresses very professionally for each event, which shows to me his respect for the couple and their wedding. He is certainly a favorite of mine among our local DJs and I can recommend him highly.

Rev. Barbara Lodge
Chapel Hill‚ NC

We are not only a former bride and groom of Stephen Scott, we are also his colleagues! As wedding photographers, we see a ton of DJs and parties. We chose Stephen Scott based on his professionalism, organization, and ability to throw a fantastic reception. He did an amazing job, played our music as well as his own choices for the crowd, and everyone danced up until the very end! His preparation for the wedding was incredibly thorough and we always knew how we could get in touch with him if we needed to. He is an outstanding person and an even more amazing DJ and is HIGHLY recommended!

Carolyn Scott & Geoff Brown
Raleigh‚ North Carolina

Where do I start? When I found Stephen I was in a mess, I had no idea where to begin with a DJ nor did I really have the time. Stephen worked with our schedule and we planned a time to meet, from the first time speaking with him I was assured he knew what I had in mind. He was on top of everything, keeping me on track and going over just what we wanted to make our special day "ours", he even slowed our first dance song down for us!!! Stephen showcased his abilities to the max, from the Rehearsal to the Reception where I only got rave reviews on his work. We would without hesitation use Stephen Scott again, we just love him!

Katie and Brian Moore
Apex‚ NC